Between everything and nothing
Between everything and nothing

“Who am I?  Why am I here?” -Admiral James Stockdale

Who am I?  No one of consequence.

Why am I here?  Frankly,  I already have Facebook, but Facebook doesn’t have a tip jar.  But I’ve also been noticing for quite some time that social media seems to be reaching a point of diminishing returns in terms of promoting ideas.  These days it seems to be much more heat than light.  I was also a huge fan of Andrew Sullivan’s blog, which seemed to be one of the last places where one could see a right-wing viewpoint that wasn’t compromised by Republican hackery or the authoritarianism we see from what’s now called the “alt-right.”

I feel the absence of that site rather keenly, and while I certainly don’t have Sullivan’s journalistic qualifications, I am trying in my own way to create a space to advocate for a sensible right-libertarian viewpoint, if only because it’s increasingly obvious that the establishment parties are both reaching a terminal spiral and the libertarian movement is going to have to fill in the political space, whether it’s ready to or not.

Thus this is an informal sounding board for my political observations, as well as observations on pop culture, or whatever happens to strike my fancy at the moment.  Be advised, this may often involve a lot of profanity.

And also jokes.